Living Room Staging Tips to Help You Sell Your Home for a Higher Price

Dated: November 22 2021

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When you sell your home, you want to sell it for as high of a price as possible. And how much you’re able to sell your home for will depend on, in large part, how you stage your home—and that includes your living room.

But how can you stage your living room in a way that helps you fetch top dollar for your home?

recent video from outlined living room staging hacks that could help you sell your home for a higher price, including:

  • Let there be light. Light can be a major draw for buyers. So, when you’re staging your home, make sure to open the curtains to let in as much natural light as possible—and swap out any old or dull light fixtures with new, brighter replacements.
  • Streamline your furniture. In order to attract buyers, you want your living room to feel as simple, streamlined, and spacious as possible. Make sure to pare down your living room furniture and decor to a few key pieces that will act as focal points for the room—like a couch, coffee table, and an interesting piece of art.
  • Add storage. The living room is for…well, living. And as such, potential buyers may want extra storage to stash things like blankets or children’s toys when they’re not in use. Look for areas that can be repurposed into storage space (like adding a wall storage unit under the stairs) or consider adding shelving to create extra storage space.

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